Event Documentation //

Over the last two years we have filmed multi camera recordings of music performances, installations, live art, poetry readings and arts related conferences and events. All our cinematographers and sound recordists have specfic experience of capturing performances and events.

As well as documenting the performances, speeches and workshops our videos aim to capture the essence of the event. The client may also then have access to:
// Individual video recordings of performances
// High quality audio recordings
// Stills photography

We are also able to organise Duplication of DVDs, including design of packaging, and support with online authoring.

Here is what a previous client had to say about one of our event documentations:

"Cut Creative managed the video documentation of an ambitious, semi-improvised live performance event with professionalism, sensitivity and a keen eye, and the edited results showed that not only were key details captured but also the essence of the evening. The video functions as a quality practical record of the event (useful for appraisal and future funding applications) but it also stands as an engaging video work in its own right."
Matt Hulse, Artistic Director - Filmcraft: A Stich In Time



Artist Videos //

Cut Creative provides video editing and sound post production for photographer Shannon Tofts on his ongoing series of videos exploring artistry and craftsmanship.

We have also worked with artist/filmmaker Matt Hulse and visual artist Alexander Hamilton.

As well as supporting artists in their video endeavours, we are also interested in creating new content. This includes creating videos shown at Film Festivals, galleries and online. We are interested in creating videos to work in parallel to an exhibition or support it by showing the artists working process.


Moving Metal by Shannon Tofts (edit/sound by Cut Creative)
National Gallery of Wales, Ruthin Craft Centre Wales

Stromata by Alexander Hamilton (editi/sound by Cut Creative)
Iona Gallery Kingussie, St Fergus Gallery Wick, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Swanson Gallery Thurso.

Willow by Shannon Tofts (editi/sound by Cut Creative)
City Arts Centre Edinburgh

Erosion, Cut Creative Production
Athens Video Art Festival 2010, Stills Gallery Edinburgh.


Theatre Video Documentations //

A promotional video or trailer of a theatre show can help obtain funding, be a tool for the practitioner in developing the show or capturing the finished performance as a life long recording of the work.

Our approach to recording and editing is flexible, changing based on the nature of the show, the budget, and requirements of the final edit. We have experience documenting a variety of forms of theatre, including; site-specific, improvised and live art. We aim for our videos not just to capture the show but also to work in tandem with the approach of the practitioners involved.

We can edit to a full length video of a show or trailer we and can also provide:
// Behind the scenes footage
// Interviews with cast, crew or audience feedback.
// high quality audio recording
// Stills photography
// DVD Duplication
// Online Authoring
// Graphic Design of supporting material