Gabriel Foster Prior
Director Director Editor Director Producer Director

A Short Film About Hats (2013)

A fun, surreal short about the fading of youthful idealism, the politics of personal choice and what happens to lost hats.

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Debbie works in telephone sales for a big telecommunications firm. The promotion she has just been offered would be a no-brainer, were it not for the company's unscrupulous sales tactics, tax-dodging chicanery and less-than-likeable employees. Then again, it's a very good salary.

Pondering the promotion at home, she finds a package left outside her flat - no address, just her name written on the front. Inside is every hat she has ever lost. Also in the package is a key to a mysterious shop. Intrigued, Debbie explores the shop and finds a hidden, underground labyrinth of corridors and doors, one of which has her name on it.



The Team...

Gabriel Foster Prior | Writer/Director

'Gabriel Foster Prior is a British filmmaker, working as a director and editor - creating short films and video art. Some abstract, some concrete. Films with and without a narrative. Some with and some without actors. Objects feature strongly, as do trains. Most have more than a touch of surrealism – absurdism, even.' [2010]
Gabriel is the founder of video editing and production company Cut Creative. He has worked on short films and video installations as an editor, producer and director, which have been shown at various film festivals and galleries in the UK and internationally. His editing has received recognition including a nomination for best short film at BAFTA Scottish Students On Screen 2008 and Scottish Screen Best of Scottish Shorts 2008.

Marek Borkowski | Cinematographer

Marek Borkowski works as a Photographer and Cinematographer. His cinematography credits include music videos for Fatboy Slim and Foreign Beggars, and commercials for clients such as Lurpak and VO5. His last short film as DOP won a BAFTA New Talent Award for best short and was also nominated for Cinematography.

Phil Lee | Sound Designer

Sound Designer Phil Lee has over 8 years audio industry experience, with an MSC in sound design. Sound department film credits include Oscar Shortlist 2013, SXSW Global Short Award 2012, official selections for Cannes 2012, Tribeca 2012, Docuweeks 2012, Sydney 2012 and Edinburgh 2011.


Matilde Ramos Pinto
David William Bryan
Carloine Ginty
Alastair Snell
Seann Walsh


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