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I Wrung My Hands (2011)

Inspired by a poem of the same name, this micro-short uses expressionistic visuals and sound to meet the challenge of translating poetry to cinematic form.

Directed by Gabriel Foster Prior
Shot by Mateusz Czuchnowski
Sound Design Jack Pirie
Adapted from the poem by by Anna Akhmatova

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Fractal (2010)

Dreamfilm showing a man taking polaroids of himself in a mirror.

In competition, Backup Film Festival 2010

The Man: Eric Schumacher.
Devised/Edited/Sound Design: Gabriel Foster Prior.
Camera: Gabriel Foster Prior, Teo Vlad.

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Syksylla (2009)

Video Instaltion inspired by Mothlight by Stan Brakhage

Official Selection, Athens Video Art Festival 201

Animation by Gabriel Foster Prior
Assisted by Johanna Inkinen.
Additional sound from www.freesounds.org0

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Erosion (2008)

Mixed Media (DV, Paint Rotoscoping, 35mm Celluloid)

Showings include:
Leith Arts Festival
LowDef Film & Video Night
Stills Gallery Edinburgh
Henderson Gallery Edinburgh

Created by Gabriel Foster Prior
Assisted by Rehan Yousef & Paul Maguire
Project adviser: Matt Hulse
Thanks to: Liz Mehigan, Martha Appelt, Fiona Reid, Clair Allen.
Made in association with Edinburgh College of Art.

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Skewed (2007)

A man wakes up one morning to find the universe is not quite right.

Starring: Richard Perry.
Devised, Directed, Edited by Gabriel Foster Prior
Camera by Rob Jones & Gabriel Foster Prior
Sound Design: James F Foster
Music: Walker & William
Production Assistants: Milo Foster Prior, Jack Hughes
SFX Assistant: Jack Hughes

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Waiting Room (2006)

Silent film in the style of German Expressionism, showing a girls anxiety as she waits for a job interview. Sound design by Miltos Christodoulakis was created entirely from modified noises recorded from a bicycle.

Youtube featured video 2008.

Directed/Edited by: Gabriel Foster Prior & Vicky Reid
Starring: Vicky Reid
Also Starring, Willem Van Heemstra
Cinematography/Lighting: Gabriel Foster Prior
Sound Design by Miltos Christodoulakis
Thanks to Pablo Herrera, David Cairns

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