I Can't Be Kaspar?

I Can’t Be Kaspar? is a short narrative drama with an experimental approach, in which Kaspar is in a state of misery and manic as his relationship with his girlfriend crumbles, his only relief is the peace he finds while looking at his grasshoppers. We follow him intimately throughout this nightmarish state over a two-day span in a labyrinth of encounters with friends, family and strangers of the night. In his most manic state of loss he turns to the thought of God, and the calming words of the Bible from his unconfused childhood. This is an attempt to find redemption in a world where the ‘seen’ has lost its significance. But these nostalgic ideas and morals only act as a temporary crutch. He has to come to terms with his contradictory actions in this his unguided pursuit of sanity and meaning.

This production will start principle photography from the 22nd to the 28th of April 2011, and is due for completion in early summer 2011. For the latest news on the production check the link below:


Key Crew
Josh Loftin (Writer/Director)
In 2010 Josh became a BAFTA nominee for his experimental film I Am Nothing I Am Just A Man (http://vimeo.com/18973144). He is currently in production for his next film, I Can’t Be Kaspa.

Editing Showreel - www.vimeo.com/13100230
Relevant Work -'Inertia' 2009 www.vimeo.com/18974457

Paul Maguire (Producer, Casting)
In 2008 Paul’s graduation film Pebble was nominated by BAFTA Scotland for best student drama. He currently works as a freelancer on various documentary projects such as ‘The Voice of a City’ (Green Banana /Scottish Chamber Orchestra - Connect). He is also the founder of Unfolding Pictures, an independent film and video production and distribution company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Elle Wilson (Costume Designer)
An Edinburgh based designer in her final year at ECA. She has primarily worked in film in both designing and assisting roles although also has experience in producing live performances. She was awarded the Fiskars Prize for Innovative Pattern Cutting in May 2010 and most work to date can be viewed at

Ilona Russell (Costume Designer)
Ilona is currently in her final year of performance costume at Edinburgh Callege of Art. She has worked on a diversity of film and theatre projects, designing and assisting. Including the youth plays at the Edinburgh Lyceum in summer 2010, the independent film Tiepolo (dir. Philip Haas) in March 2009, on a LFC collaborative film in March 2010, called Fighter's Ballad (director: Tony S Ukopo, designer: Charmaine Parram), and recently she designed and sourced the costumes for a contemporary dance performance film by Rachel King at ECA (

Owen Ramsay (Camera)
Owen Ramsay's is currently studying Intermedia at Edinburgh College of Art, and is primarily concerned with installation, sculpture, film and video with a strong interest in utilising small scale Equipment (

Recently he has created original Visuals for Bloc party's Kele Okereke VJ'ing Live and the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show (www.edinburghcharityfashionshow.com). He has also been involved in projects such as Edinburgh's Hidden Door Festival and Walker & Bromwich's Bank of Reason as part of the Collective Gallery's Square Mile projects.

Currently he is editing a short Documentary style film made in Spain to promote the Semi-Professional Cycling team "Team Wallis" (www.teamwallis-chh.com).

To enquire about auditions please email maguire.paul@hotmail.co.uk
Or call Paul on 075 8816 8994


This production company has signed up to the Protecting Actors Casting Agreement, helping to ensure all actors involved receive a copy of the final footage in a timely fashion. Protecting Actors : SHIELD:1566